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  • Interior Detail $140
    Full Interior Detail with Carpet Shampoo & Cloth Seats/Leather Seats Cleaning
    -starts from $140 - price will vary depending on the size and condition of the vehicle
    -takes 2.5 to 8 hours depending on the condition of your vehicle, please feel free to drop-off your vehicle and pick it up the day after
    -If your office or home is within a 10 minute drive from our car wash: we may be able to get you a ride back! :)
    ***Vehicle Drop-Off before 12 P.M. is highly recommended

  • Headlight Restoration $35
    Restore Yellow & Foggy Headlights! (includes Clear Protection)
    $35 per Headlight with 5 YEAR WARRANTY! 
    Please book this service on a non-rainy day. Headlights must stay dry and un-touched for at least 24 hours. 

  • Glass Coating $200
    Ultimate Shine / Deep Gloss look / 2 year Paint Protection - also includes Wash, Wheels Clean, Tire Shine
    -Designed to protect and benefit vehicles in pristine condition- such as brand new vehicles or 1 to 3 year old vehicles
    -Not sure if your vehicle is the right candidate? Stop by and see our detailer in person.

  • Blue Crystal Coating $150
    *MOST POPULAR!* Deep Paint Color Protection and Protection with 1 year protection - also includes Wash, Wheels Clean, Tire Shine
    -Safe for all vehicle colors
    -Need light scratch removal with this service? Please ask the detailer for a quote when dropping-off your vehicle at the time of your appointment.
    -Please advise that your vehicle might take a longer time on a sunny weekend

  • Polish, Buff, Wax $85
    Ideal for Cars with Minor Roughness and Dullness 

  • Odor Kill (Ozone) Service $30
    Kills Odor from Tobacco, Pets, Food Spills, Mildew (Recommended with Interior Detail)

  • Carpet Shampoo $55
    starts from $55 - depends on the condition of the carpet

  • Seats Shampoo $65
    starts from $65 - depends on the condition of the seats

  • Light Scratch Repair $15
    starts from only $15: price will vary depending on size and location of the scratches

  • Windshield Repair $19
    starts from $19 - free for customers with full-coverage insurance



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